Decoded Slug: ~하면서도 [hamyeonseodo] (While, although)

Korean Grammar Point
~하면서도 [hamyeonseodo] (While, although)

~하면서도 [hamyeonseodo] (While, although)

Short explanation:

Used to express a contradictory situation or event occurring at the same time; 'while', 'although'.


Verb-stem + ~하면서도


그녀는 회사에서 바쁘게 일하면서도 항상 일찍 집에 가서 아이들과 식사를 함께해요.
Geunyeoneun hoesaeseo bappeuge ilhamyeonseodo hangsang iljjik jibe gaseo aideulgwa siksa reul hamkkehaeyo.
Even as she works hard at the company, she always goes home early to have meals with her children.
저는 공부에 집중하면서도 친구들과 소통하는 데에는 어려움이 있어요.
Jeoneun gongbue jipjunghamyeonseodo chingudeulgwa sotonghaneun deeneun eoryeoumi isseoyo.
While focusing on studies, I find it difficult to communicate with friends.
그는 연인과 행복하게 지내면서도, 그녀가 항상 곁에 없을 때를 두려워해요.
Geuneun yeoningwa haengbokhage jjinaemyeonseodo, geunyeoga hangsang gyeote eobseul ttaereul duryeowohaeyo.
Even as he spends happy times with his lover, he fears the times when she is not by his side.
어머니는 항상 건강에 신경을 쓰면서도, 자신의 건강은 항상 무시하곤 해요.
Eomeonineun hangsang geongange singyeongeul sseumyeonseodo, jasinui geongangeun hangsang musihagon haeyo.
While mom always takes care of our health, she tends to ignore her own health.

Long explanation:

'~하면서도 [hamyeonseodo]' is a conjunction used in Korean to indicate two actions or states happening simultaneously, with an aspect of contradiction or conflicting elements. It's like saying 'although' or 'even when' in English, and implies that despite the first action, the second one still occurs. It can be used to show inconsistency between what is expected and what really happens.

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