Decoded Slug: ~하시겠습니까? [hasigesseubnikka?] (Would you?)

Korean Grammar Point
~하시겠습니까? [hasigesseubnikka?] (Would you?)

~하시겠습니까? [hasigesseubnikka?] (Would you?)

Short explanation:

This is a formal way to request, ask, or suggest something.


Action Verb (Remove '-다') + 하시겠습니까


저녁식사를 함께 하시겠습니까?
Jeonyeoksiksa-reul hamkke hasigesseubnikka?
Would you like to have dinner together?
이 문서를 검토해 주시겠습니까?
I munseo-reul geomtohae jusigesseubnikka?
Would you please review this document?
이 컨퍼런스에 참석하시겠습니까?
I keonpeoreonseue chamseokhasigesseubnikka?
Would you attend this conference?
제안을 고려해 주시겠습니까?
Jeahneul goryeohae jusigesseubnikka?
Would you consider the proposal?

Long explanation:

'~하시겠습니까' is used to make a polite and formal suggestion, request, or ask a question. It is formed by adding '하시겠습니까' to the infinitive form of the verb excluding '다'. This expression is generally used in formal and honorific situations or when you are speaking to someone who is older or of higher status. Please be aware that this form is not typically used in casual or daily conversations due to its formal and respectful register.

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