Decoded Slug: ~하여 그런지 [hayeo geureonji] (Perhaps because)

Korean Grammar Point
~하여 그런지 [hayeo geureonji] (Perhaps because)

~하여 그런지 [hayeo geureonji] (Perhaps because)

Short explanation:

Used to express a supposition, assumption, or speculation; 'perhaps because', 'maybe due to'.


Verb/Adjective + 아/어/여 + 하여 그런지


오늘은 날씨가 좋아서 그런지 사람들이 많이 활동하는 것을 볼 수 있었습니다.
Oneureun nalssiga johaseo geureonji saramdeuri mani hwaldonghaneun geoseul bol su isseossseubnida.
Perhaps because the weather is nice today, I could see a lot of people being active.
그녀는 어제 다치고 나서 그런지 오늘은 엄청 조심스럽게 걸어갔습니다.
Geunyeoneun eoje dachigo naseo geureonji oneureun eomcheong josimseureopge georeogassseubnida.
Maybe because she got hurt yesterday, she walked very carefully today.
어제 짜장면을 너무 많이 먹었나 봐요, 오늘은 배가 아파서 그런지 컨디션이 좋지 않아요.
Eoje jjajangmyeoneul neomu mani meogeossnabwayo, oneureun baega apaseo geureonji keondisyeoni joji anhayo.
Perhaps because I ate too much black bean noodles yesterday, I don't feel well today, maybe due to a stomachache.
나는 꿈에서 그녀를 만났으니까 그런지 오늘은 그녀가 계속 생각나요.
Naneun kkumeseo geunyeoreul mannasseunikka geureonji oneureun geunyeoga gyesok saenggaknayo.
Maybe because I met her in my dream, I keep thinking about her today.

Long explanation:

'~하여 그런지 [hayeo geureonji]' is commonly used in Korean grammar to indicate a speculative cause and effect relationship or a supposition. It is generally translated into English as 'perhaps because' or 'maybe due to'. This grammar construction is typically used when the speaker doesn't have full certainty about the relationship between two things but is speculating based on observable evidence or logical assumption.

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