Decoded Slug: ~하자 [haja] (Upon doing, as soon as)

Korean Grammar Point
~하자 [haja] (Upon doing, as soon as)

~하자 [haja] (Upon doing, as soon as)

Short explanation:

Used to show that the action in the second clause happens immediately after the action in the first clause.


Verb Stem + 하자


문을 열자 마자, 강아지가 바로 들어왔어요.
Mun-eul yeol-ja-ma-ja, gang-aji-ga ba-ro deul-eo-wass-eo-yo.
As soon as I opened the door, the dog came in immediately.
나는 길을 건너자 마자 택시를 탔어요.
Na-neun gil-eul geon-neo-ja ma-ja taek-si-reul tat-eo-yo.
As soon as I crossed the street, I got in a taxi.
비가 오자 바로 우산을 썼어요.
Bi-ga o-ja ba-ro u-san-eul sseoss-eo-yo.
As soon as it rained, I immediately used an umbrella.
책을 덮는자 마자 잠이 왔어요.
Chaek-eul deopneun-ja ma-ja, jam-i wass-eo-yo.
As soon as I closed the book, I felt sleepy.

Long explanation:

'~하자 [haja]' is a conjunction used in Korean to express the immediacy of an event or action that follows another. It can be translated as 'upon doing...', 'as soon as...' in English. It gives a sense of something happening the moment a prior action has completed without any gap in between.

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