Decoded Slug: ~하자마자 [hajamaja] (As soon as)

Korean Grammar Point
~하자마자 [hajamaja] (As soon as)

~하자마자 [hajamaja] (As soon as)

Short explanation:

Used to express 'as soon as' or 'immediately after'.


Verb stem + ~하자마자


저는 그의 편지를 받자마자 그에게 전화를 걸었습니다, 전혀 늦추지 않았어요.
Jeoneun geuui pyeonjireul badjamaja geuege jeonhwaleul georeossseubnida, jeonhyeo neujchuji anhasseoyo.
As soon as I received his letter, I called him without any delay.
저는 학교에서 돌아오자마자 숙제를 시작했습니다, 아무런 휴식 시간도 없었습니다.
Jeoneun hakgyoeseo doraojamaja sukwereul siijakhaessseubnida, amureon hyusik sigando eopseumnida.
As soon as I returned from school, I started my homework without any break.
영화가 끝나자마자 그들은 테이터에서 나갔습니다, 다른 일정이 있었기 때문입니다.
Yeonghwaga kkeutnajamaja geudeureun theatereseo nagassseubnida, dareun iljeongi isseossgi ttaemunibnida.
As soon as the movie ended, they left the theater because they had other plans.
엄마가 집에 돌아오자마자 강아지는 기뻐하며 점프했습니다, 엄마를 정말 사랑하는 것 같아요.
Eommaga jibe doraojamaja gangajineun gippeohamyeo jeompeuhaessseubnida, eommareul jeongmal saranghaneun geos gatayo.
As soon as mom returned home, the puppy jumped happily, it seems to really love mom.

Long explanation:

'~하자마자 [hajamaja]' is a conjugational pattern in Korean used to express that an action occurs immediately after another action. It can be roughly translated as 'as soon as' in English. It indicates that as soon as the action in the first part of the sentence happens, the action in the second part of the sentence follows. This grammar point is often used in situations requiring immediacy or promptness.

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