Decoded Slug: ~할 만하다 [hal manhada] (Worth doing)

Korean Grammar Point
~할 만하다 [hal manhada] (Worth doing)

~할 만하다 [hal manhada] (Worth doing)

Short explanation:

This expression is used to state that something is worth the effort or time; 'worth doing'.


Verb stem + 할 만하다


이 여행은 비싸지만 가볼 만해요, 왜냐하면 그 곳은 정말 아름답기 때문이에요.
I yeohaengeun bissajiman gabol manhaeyo, waenahamyeon geu gos-eun jeongmal aleumdabgi ttaemunieyo.
This trip is expensive, but it's worth going to because the place is really beautiful.
이 영화는 길지만 보는 만합니다, 왜냐하면 스토리가 정말 재미있기 때문이에요.
I yeonghwaneun giljiman boneun manhamnida, waenahamyeon seutoriga jeongmal jaemiissgi ttaemunieyo.
This movie is long, but it's worth watching because the story is really interesting.
이 책은 두껍지만 읽을 만해요, 왜냐하면 그 콘텐츠는 정말 유익하기 때문이에요.
I chaegeun duggobjiman ilgeul manhaeyo, waenahamyeon geu kontencheuneun jeongmal yuighagi ttaemunieyo.
This book is thick, but it's worth reading because its content is really beneficial.
이 식당은 멀지만 가볼 만해요, 왜냐하면 그 음식은 진짜 맛있기 때문이에요.
I sikdangeun meoljiman gabol manhaeyo, waenahamyeon geu eumsikeun jinjja mashitgi ttaemunieyo.
This restaurant is far, but it's worth going to because the food is really delicious.

Long explanation:

'~할 만하다 [hal manhada]' is a commonly used grammar point in Korean which means that something is worth doing. It can be used with a verb stem to indicate that the action or behavior of the verb is worth the effort, cost or time that would be needed to do it. This grammar point often suggests that even though the action might require some effort, the value or benefit gained from performing it outweighs the cost or effort.

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