Decoded Slug: ~할 줄 알다 [hal jul alda] (Know how to)

Korean Grammar Point
~할 줄 알다 [hal jul alda] (Know how to)

~할 줄 알다 [hal jul alda] (Know how to)

Short explanation:

Used to express the knowledge or skill to do something.


Verb in Dictionary form + 줄 알다


나는 요리할 줄 알아요, 그래서 친구들이 집에 놀러 올 때마다 맛있는 음식을 해 줄 수 있어요.
Naneun yorihal jul alyo, geuraeseo chingudeuri jibe nolleo ol ttaemada masitneun eumsigeul hae jul su iss-eoyo.
I know how to cook, so whenever friends come to play at my house, I can make delicious food.
제 친구는 한국어를 말할 줄 알아요, 그래서 한국 친구와 자유롭게 대화할 수 있어요.
Je chinguneun hangugeoreul malhal jul alyo, geuraeseo hanguk chinguwa jayurobge daehwahal su iss-eoyo.
My friend knows how to speak Korean, so he can converse freely with Korean friends.
부모님은 운전을 하실 줄 아셔서, 어디든지 가실 수 있어요.
Bumonim-eun unjeoneul hasil jul ashsyeoseo, eodideunji gasil su iss-eoyo.
My parents know how to drive, so they can go anywhere.
나는 피아노를 칠 줄 알아요, 그래서 친구들과 함께 노래방에 갔을 때 항상 자랑 스럽게 느껴져요.
Naneun pianoreul chil jul alyo, geuraeseo chingudeulgwa hamkke nolaebang-e gass-eul ttae hangsang jajang seulobge neukkyeojyeoyo.
I know how to play the piano, so whenever I go to Karaoke with friends, I always feel proud.

Long explanation:

'~할 줄 알다 [hal jul alda]' is a Korean grammar point used to indicate the ability or skill to do something. It directly translates as 'know how to do'. It is used when you want to say that someone (including yourself) knows how to do a certain action. This phrase is often used in sentences which expresses the ability, capability, possibility or potentiality.

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