Decoded Slug: ~할지라도 [haljirado] (Even if)

Korean Grammar Point
~할지라도 [haljirado] (Even if)

~할지라도 [haljirado] (Even if)

Short explanation:

Used to express the meaning 'even if'.




내일 비가 올지라도 나는 운동하러 갈 거야.
naeil biga oljirado naneun undonghago galgeoya.
Even if it rains tomorrow, I will go to exercise.
부모님이 그에 대해 싫어할지라도, 나는 그를 계속 만나려고 합니다.
bumonimi geue daehae sirheohaljirado, naneun geureul gyesog mannaryeogo habnida.
Even if my parents dislike him, I intend to keep seeing him.
시험이 어려울지라도, 열심히 공부했기 때문에 자신이 있어.
siheomi eoryeouljirado, yeolsimhi gongbuhaetgi ttaemune jasin-i isseo.
Even if the exam is hard, I'm confident because I studied hard.
너가 어떻게 생각할지라도, 나는 그 결정을 후회하지 않아.
neoga eotteoke saenggakhaljirado, naneun geu gyeoljeongeul hugoehaji anha.
Even if you think differently, I do not regret that decision.

Long explanation:

'~할지라도 [haljirado]' is a Korean conjunction that translates to 'even if' in English. It is used when the speaker wants to say that even in the hypothetical condition expressed in the clause that it is attached to, the situation or fact spoken of in the following clause will not change.

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