Decoded Slug: ~혹시 [hoksi] (By any chance)

Korean Grammar Point
~혹시 [hoksi] (By any chance)

~혹시 [hoksi] (By any chance)

Short explanation:

Used to express uncertainty or in polite inquiries


혹시 + Verb/Adjective


혹시 나중에 틈나시면, 우리 같이 커피나 마시러 갈래요?
Hoksi najunge teumnasimyeon, uri gachi keopina masireo gallaeyo?
By any chance, if you have time later, would you like to go for a coffee with me?
혹시 내일 비가 올까요?
Hoksi naeil biga olkkayo?
Do you think it will rain by any chance tomorrow?
혹시 그분을 아세요?
Hoksi geubuneul aseyo?
Do you know that person by any chance?
혹시 시간 좀 있으세요?
Hoksi sigan jom isseuseyo?
Do you have some time by any chance?

Long explanation:

The Korean grammatical expression '혹시 [hoksi]' is used at the start of sentences to indicate a level of uncertainty about what one is going to ask or state. This expression is helpful in lessening the overall abruptness or assertiveness of the conversation, and adding more politeness. Also, 혹시 is used in situations where the speaker wants to propose a scenario that may or may not happen, thereby implying a hypothetical situation.

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