Decoded Slug: ~(으)니깐 [(eu)nikkan] (Because, so)

Korean Grammar Point
~(으)니깐 [(eu)nikkan] (Because, so)

~(으)니깐 [(eu)nikkan] (Because, so)

Short explanation:

Used to indicate the cause or reason; 'Because', 'So'.


Verb/Adjective stem + (으)니깐


비가 오니깐 우산을 가져가세요.
Biga onikkan usaneul gajyeogaseyo.
Because it's raining, take an umbrella.
지금 너무 늦었으니깐 우리 내일 다시 만나자.
Jigeum neomu neujeossnikkan uri naeil dasi mannaja.
Because it's too late now, let's meet again tomorrow.
오늘 피곤하니깐 일찍 집에 갔어요.
Oneul pigonhanikkan iljjik jibe gasseoyo.
Because I was tired today, I went home early.
운동을 많이 했으니깐 힘이 없어요.
Undongeul mani haesseunikkan himi eobseoyo.
Because I exercised a lot, I have no energy.

Long explanation:

'~(으)니깐 [(eu)nikkan]' is a conjunction used in Korean to indicate the cause or reason why something happens or a certain situation exists. It is similar to 'because' or 'so' in English. It is most often used in casual conversations and can be used both for positive and negative statements.

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