Decoded Slug: 一旦 (yīdàn) - Once, in case

Mandarin Grammar Point
一旦 (yīdàn) - Once, in case

一旦 (yīdàn) - Once, in case

Short explanation:

One used to express 'once' or 'in case' something happens.


一旦 + Condition, Result


Yīdàn nǐ juédìngle, jiù yào jiānchí dàodǐ.
Once you make a decision, you have to stick to it.
Yīdàn nǐ míngbái le Zhōngwén yǔfǎ, nǐ de xiězuò jiāng huì tígāo.
Once you understand Chinese grammar, your writing will improve.
Yīdàn yǔ lǐ xià xuě, wǒmen jiù jiàn xuě rén.
Once it snows in the rain, we make a snowman.
Yīdàn tā rènzhēn qǐlái, méiyǒu shénme néng zǔdǎng tā.
Once he gets serious, nothing can stop him.

Long explanation:

The Mandarin Chinese phrase '一旦 (yīdàn)' is a conjunction used to emphasize that a certain condition could cause a specific result. It translates to 'once' or 'in case' in English and is often used at the beginning of the sentence to express hypothetical or future scenarios. It usually follows the structure of '一旦' + Condition, Result.

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