Decoded Slug: 一边...一边... (yìbiān... yìbiān...) - Doing two actions simultaneously

Mandarin Grammar Point
一边...一边... (yìbiān... yìbiān...) - Doing two actions simultaneously

一边...一边... (yìbiān... yìbiān...) - Doing two actions simultaneously

Short explanation:

This structure is used to describe doing two things at the same time.


Subject + 一边 + Action 1 + 一边 + Action 2


Tā yìbiān zuò fàn yìbiān kàn diànshì.
She cooks while watching TV.
Wǒ yìbiān pǎobù yìbiān tīng yīnyuè.
I listen to music while running.
Tā yìbiān chī fàn yìbiān kàn bàozhǐ.
He reads the newspaper while eating.
Wǒmen yìbiān zǒulù yìbiān liáotiān.
We chat while walking.

Long explanation:

The Mandarin Chinese structure '一边...一边...' (yìbiān... yìbiān...) is used to express the simultaneous occurrence of two actions or events. This structure is equivalent to stating 'while doing one thing, also doing another thing' in English. It conveys the message that two activities are happening at the same time.

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