Decoded Slug: 不仅...还... (bùjǐn... hái...) - Not only... but also...

Mandarin Grammar Point
不仅...还... (bùjǐn... hái...) - Not only... but also...

不仅...还... (bùjǐn... hái...) - Not only... but also...

Short explanation:

This phrase is used to introduce two or more situations or characteristics, indicating that not only the first one exists or happens, but also the additional ones.


Subject + 不仅 + Statement 1, 还 + Statement 2


Tā bùjǐn huì shuō Yīngwén, hái huì shuō Fǎwén hé Xībānyá wén.
She not only speaks English but also speaks French and Spanish.
Wǒ bùjǐn xǐhuān zuò yújiā, hái xǐhuān zuò jíxiàn yùndòng.
I not only like doing yoga but also like doing extreme sports.
Tā bùjǐn zhòngshì xuéxí, hái zhòngshì shèhuì shíjiàn.
He not only values study but also values social practice.
Zhège diànnǎo bùjǐn xìngnéng hǎo, hái hěn qīngbiàn.
This computer not only has good performance but is also very light.

Long explanation:

In Chinese grammar, '不仅...还...' (bùjǐn... hái...) is a commonly used structure that corresponds to 'not only...but also...' in English. It allows you to give additional information or emphasize more than one quality or action. It is usually used to make your sentence more engaging or persuasive by providing more than one reason, feature, or result.

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