Decoded Slug: 不止 (bùzhǐ) - More than, not limited to

Mandarin Grammar Point
不止 (bùzhǐ) - More than, not limited to

不止 (bùzhǐ) - More than, not limited to

Short explanation:

This phrase is used to express that a quantity or degree is more than a particular number or standard.


Number/Time + 不止


Zhè ge Hànzì wǒ fùxí le bùzhǐ wǔ biàn.
I've reviewed this Chinese character more than five times.
Tā dú le bùzhǐ yībǎi běn shū.
He's read more than a hundred books.
Wǒ děng nǐ děng le bùzhǐ yī gè xiǎoshí.
I've been waiting for you for more than an hour.
Tā zài zhè jiā gōngsī gōngzuò le bùzhǐ shí nián.
He's worked at this company for more than ten years.

Long explanation:

'不止 (bùzhǐ)' in Mandarin Chinese is used to describe a situation or quantity that surpasses a certain known limit or standard. It emphasizes that the quantity, amount, or time span isn't limited to the stated amount but is often more than what is indicated.

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