Decoded Slug: 丝毫 (sīháo) - The slightest amount or degree, a bit

Mandarin Grammar Point
丝毫 (sīháo) - The slightest amount or degree, a bit

丝毫 (sīháo) - The slightest amount or degree, a bit

Short explanation:

Used to express a very small amount or degree, to the point of being negligible.


丝毫 + Verb/Noun/Adjective


Wǒ sīháo bù dānxīn zhège wèntí.
I'm not the slightest bit worried about this issue.
Tā sīháo méiyǒu gǎndào jǐnzhāng.
He didn't feel nervous at all.
Zhè cì shībài sīháo méiyǒu yǐngxiǎng tā de xìnxīn.
This failure hasn't affected his confidence in the slightest.
Tā sīháo bù jièyì dàjiā de pínglùn.
She doesn't care about everyone's comments at all.

Long explanation:

The Mandarin Chinese phrase '丝毫 (sīháo)' is used to describe a very small or negligible amount or degree of something. It can be utilized to convey that something is insignificant or lacks importance due to its small quantity or degree. The equivalent expression in English could be 'not at all', 'the slightest' or 'a bit'.

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