Decoded Slug: 以至于 (yǐzhìyú) - So that, to the extent that

Mandarin Grammar Point
以至于 (yǐzhìyú) - So that, to the extent that

以至于 (yǐzhìyú) - So that, to the extent that

Short explanation:

Used to show the result or effect of something or to an extent of something.


Cause + 以至于 + Result


Tā gōngzuò hěn máng, yǐzhìyú méiyǒu shíjiān péibàn jiārén.
He is so busy with his work that he doesn't have time to accompany his family.
Tā shībài le hǎoduō cì, yǐzhìyú kāishǐ huáiyí zìjǐ de nénglì.
He has failed so many times that he started doubting his own abilities.
Zhè bù diànyǐng fēicháng gǎnrén, yǐzhìyú wǒ kàn wán hòu kū le qǐlái.
The movie was so touching that I started crying after watching it.
Wǒmen bān de tóngxué dōu fēicháng tuánjié, yǐzhìyú lǎoshī fēicháng jiāo'ào.
The students in our class are so united that the teacher is very proud.

Long explanation:

The Mandarin Chinese phrase '以至于 (yǐzhìyú)' is primarily used to indicate a consequence or result that derives from a certain action or condition. It's roughly equivalent to 'so that' or 'to the extent that' in English. This phrase effectively communicates the substantial impact or significant after-effects of an initial event or circumstance.

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