Decoded Slug: 偶尔 (ǒu'ěr) - Occasionally

Mandarin Grammar Point
偶尔 (ǒu'ěr) - Occasionally

偶尔 (ǒu'ěr) - Occasionally

Short explanation:

This term is used to describe an event or action that happens occasionally or once in a while.


Subject + 偶尔 + Verb / Predicate


Tā ǒu'ěr huì lái zhèlǐ chīfàn.
He occasionally comes here to eat.
Wǒ ǒu'ěr gēn péngyǒumen chūqù hē kāfēi liáotiān.
I go out for coffee and chat with friends occasionally.
ǒu'ěr wǒ yě huì gǎndào gūdú hé yālì.
Occasionally, I also feel lonely and stressed.
Tā ǒu'ěr zài zhōumò kàn yī liǎng běn shū.
She occasionally reads one or two books over the weekend.

Long explanation:

'偶尔 (ǒu'ěr)' is a time-related adverb in Mandarin Chinese that expresses the occurrence of an event or action once in a while or occasionally. While English expressions like 'sometimes' or 'from time to time' could have multiple meanings depending on context, '偶尔' is more specific, only referring to frequency rather than probability.

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