Decoded Slug: 先...再... (xiān... zài...) - First...then...

Mandarin Grammar Point
先...再... (xiān... zài...) - First...then...

先...再... (xiān... zài...) - First...then...

Short explanation:

Used to express sequential actions or steps.


Subject + 先 + Action 1 + 再 + Action 2


Chīfàn qián, nǐ xiān yào xǐshǒu zài chī.
Before eating, you should first wash your hands then eat.
Qǐng nǐ xiān bǎ nǐ de zuòyè wánchéng zài wán yóuxì.
Please finish your homework first then play games.
Wǒmen xiān qù chāoshì mǎi dōngxī, zài huí jiā zuò wǎnfàn.
We will first go to the supermarket to buy things, then go home to cook dinner.
Wǒ xiān yào xiě yī piān bàogào zài shuìjiào.
I have to write a report first then sleep.

Long explanation:

In Mandarin, '先...再...' is a grammar structure used to express the sequence of actions or steps. '先' means 'first', and '再' means 'then' or 'next'. It is important to note that the events mentioned after '先' take place before the ones mentioned after '再'.

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