Decoded Slug: 光是 (guāngshì) - Merely, just

Mandarin Grammar Point
光是 (guāngshì) - Merely, just

光是 (guāngshì) - Merely, just

Short explanation:

Used to highlight that the mentioned item or consideration, on its own, is already significant.


光是 + Object/Condition + 就/便/也 + Comment


Guāngshì qù nà'er de lù jiù yào zǒu yīgè xiǎoshí.
Just the journey there already takes an hour.
Guāngshì tā de gōngzī jiù zúyǐ zhīchí zhěnggè jiātíng de shēnghuó.
His salary alone is enough to support the whole family.
Guāngshì tīng dào nǐ de shēngyīn, wǒ jiù gǎndào fēicháng ānwèi.
Merely hearing your voice, I already feel very comforted.
Guāngshì kǎolǜ zhège wèntí jiù gěi wǒdài lái le hěn dà de yālì.
Just considering this issue already gives me a lot of stress.

Long explanation:

The Mandarin Chinese phrase '光是 (guāngshì)' is used to underscore a particular point or item, indicating that it alone is already significant, abundant, or constitutes a major part or consideration of something. This phrase is typically used before subjects or conditions and is equivalent to the English expressions 'merely', 'just', or 'only'.

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