Decoded Slug: 光是...就... (guāng shì... jiù...) - Just...alone...

Mandarin Grammar Point
光是...就... (guāng shì... jiù...) - Just...alone...

光是...就... (guāng shì... jiù...) - Just...alone...

Short explanation:

Used to emphasize that one aspect alone is enough to cause another action or result.


光是 + Notable aspect + 就 + Subsequent action/result


Guāng shì kǎolǜ zhège xiàngmù de chéngběn, jiù zúgòu ràng wǒ dānyōu le.
Just considering the cost of this project alone is enough to make me worry.
Guāng shì kàn nǐ de xiàoliǎn, jiù ràng wǒ gǎndào kāixīn.
Just seeing your smile alone makes me happy.
Guāng shì nǐ de yī gè wěn, jiù zúyǐ ràng wǒ wàngjì suǒyǒu de fánnǎo.
Just a single kiss from you alone is enough to make me forget all my worries.
Guāng shì nǐ zài wǒ shēnbiān, jiù ràng wǒ gǎndào ānquán hé mǎnzú.
Just you being by my side alone makes me feel safe and content.

Long explanation:

The Mandarin Chinese phrase '光是...就...' is used to draw attention to the significance of a single factor or aspect by signaling that it alone is sufficient to trigger the additional action or result that follows. Its equivalent in English would be 'just... alone...'. The component '光是...' signifies the notable factor, while '就...' indicates the subsequent action or result.

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