Decoded Slug: 只要 (zhǐyào) - As long as, only if

Mandarin Grammar Point
只要 (zhǐyào) - As long as, only if

只要 (zhǐyào) - As long as, only if

Short explanation:

Used to state a condition that if satisfied, a specific result will follow.


只要 + Condition, 就 + Result


Zhǐyào nǐ nǔlì, jiù yídìng néng chénggōng.
As long as you work hard, you will definitely be successful.
Zhǐyào wǒmen jiānchí, jiù méiyǒu shénme bùnéng gòu zuò dào de.
As long as we persevere, there's nothing we can't accomplish.
Zhǐyào tiānqì hǎo, wǒmen jiù qù gōngyuán.
As long as the weather is good, we will go to the park.
Zhǐyào nǐ yuànyì, jiù kěyǐ yǔ wǒ yīqǐ lǚxíng.
As long as you are willing, you can travel with me.

Long explanation:

Only in Chinese is represented as 只要 (zhǐyào). This expression is used in the conditional clause of a sentence and followed by 就 (jiù), indicating that the condition is stated first and the result follows after. The condition is usually something the speaker believes to be quite minimal or easily achieved, thereby creating the sense of 'as long as' or 'only if'.

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