Decoded Slug: 就算...也... (jiùsuàn... yě...) - Even if... still...

Mandarin Grammar Point
就算...也... (jiùsuàn... yě...) - Even if... still...

就算...也... (jiùsuàn... yě...) - Even if... still...

Short explanation:

Used to express that despite a certain condition, the outcome would still be the same.


就算 + Condition + 也 + Outcome


Jiùsuàn wǒ méiyǒu qián, wǒ yě huì bāng nǐ de.
Even if I don't have money, I will still help you.
Jiùsuàn xià yǔ, wǒ yě yào qù pǎobù.
Even if it is raining, I still want to go jogging.
Jiùsuàn nǐ bù qù xuéxí, nǐ háishì huì zhīdào de.
Even if you don't study, you will still know.
Jiùsuàn gōngzuò zài máng, wǒ yě bùhuì wàngjì chīfàn.
Even if work is very busy, I will not forget to eat.

Long explanation:

The Mandarin Chinese expression '就算...也...' (jiùsuàn... yě...) is a compound structure that is used to present a hypothetical situation (the part following '就算') and its unchanging outcome or reaction (the part following '也'). The English equivalent is 'Even if... still...'. It signifies a determination or emphasising a point regardless of circumstances.

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