Decoded Slug: 尽早 (jǐnzǎo) - As soon as possible

Mandarin Grammar Point
尽早 (jǐnzǎo) - As soon as possible

尽早 (jǐnzǎo) - As soon as possible

Short explanation:

Used to express the need for speed or expeditious action.


Subject + Verb + 尽早 + Rest of the sentence


Wǒ xīwàng nǐ jǐnzǎo huífù wǒ.
I hope you can reply to me as soon as possible.
Qǐng nǐ jǐnzǎo wánchéng zhège xiàngmù.
Please finish this project as soon as possible.
Tāmen xūyào jǐnzǎo juédìng shìfǒu cānjiā nàgè huìyì.
They need to decide as soon as possible whether to attend that meeting.
Wǒmen bìxū jǐnzǎo chǔlǐ zhège wèntí.
We must address this issue as soon as possible.

Long explanation:

The Mandarin Chinese word '尽早 (jǐnzǎo)' is used when we want to indicate that a particular action or task should be accomplished as soon as possible, or at the earliest convenience. It's equivalent to 'As soon as possible' in English. This word is often used in formal contexts such as emails or requests.

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