Decoded Slug: 尽管如此 (jǐnguǎn rúcǐ) - Nevertheless, nonetheless

Mandarin Grammar Point
尽管如此 (jǐnguǎn rúcǐ) - Nevertheless, nonetheless

尽管如此 (jǐnguǎn rúcǐ) - Nevertheless, nonetheless

Short explanation:

Used to indicate that the situation or factual condition does not change the successors.


Situation + ,尽管如此,+ Contrasting fact or idea


Tiānqì hěn lěng, jǐnguǎn rúcǐ, tā háishì juédìng chūqù pǎobù.
The weather is very cold, nevertheless, he still decided to go out for a run.
Tā zhīdào zhège jìhuà hěn wēixiǎn, jǐnguǎn rúcǐ, tā háishì juédìng jìxù.
He knows this plan is very dangerous, nonetheless, he still decided to continue.
Jǐnguǎn rúcǐ, wǒ háishì juédé wǒmen yīnggāi chángshì yīxià.
Nevertheless, I still think we should give it a try.
Wǒ zhīdào nǐ hěn máng, jǐnguǎn rúcǐ, qǐng nǐ bāng wǒ yīxià.
I know you are very busy, nonetheless, please help me.

Long explanation:

The Mandarin Chinese phrase '尽管如此 (jǐnguǎn rúcǐ)' is often used to connect two contrasting ideas or facts. The phrase essentially means 'despite that' or 'however,' and is used when the speaker wants to indicate that even though a certain situation or condition exists, it does not change or impact the latter part of the sentence.

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