Decoded Slug: 怎么 (zěnme) - How

Mandarin Grammar Point
怎么 (zěnme) - How

怎么 (zěnme) - How

Short explanation:

Used to ask the method or way to do something.


Subject + 怎么 + Verb + Rest of the sentence?


Nǐ zěnme qù gōngyuán? Wǒ qí zìxíngchē qù.
How do you go to the park? I go by bicycle.
Nǐ zěnme zuò zhè dào cài? Wǒ kěyǐ gěi nǐ shípǔ.
How do you make this dish? I can give you the recipe.
Nǐ zěnme xuéxí Zhōngwén? Wǒ měitiān dōu jìnxíng kǒuyǔ hé xiězuò liànxí.
How do you learn Chinese? I do speaking and writing exercises every day.
Tāmen zěnme chéng fēijī qù Běijīng? Tāmen yùdìng le zhífēi hángbān.
How do they take a plane to Beijing? They booked a direct flight.

Long explanation:

The word '怎么 (zěnme)' in Mandarin Chinese is a key interrogative word used to probe for the methods, ways, or means to accomplish a certain action or condition. This word closely equates to 'how' in English. It is typically used in seeking or clarifying the process involved in accomplishing tasks or actions.

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