Decoded Slug: 无论如何 (wúlùn rúhé) - Anyhow, anyway, in any case

Mandarin Grammar Point
无论如何 (wúlùn rúhé) - Anyhow, anyway, in any case

无论如何 (wúlùn rúhé) - Anyhow, anyway, in any case

Short explanation:

Used to express a certainty or determination that a particular outcome will occur, no matter what the circumstances may be.


无论如何, [what must happen] or [what one is determined to do].


无论如何, 我都要成功。
Wúlùn rúhé, wǒ dōu yào chénggōng.
No matter what, I must succeed.
无论如何, 你都不能错过这次的音乐会。
Wúlùn rúhé, nǐ dōu bùnéng cuòguò zhè cì de yīnyuè huì.
Anyhow, you can't miss this concert.
无论如何, 我们必须保护环境。
Wúlùn rúhé, wǒmen bìxū bǎohù huánjìng.
In any case, we must protect the environment.
无论如何, 我都会支持你的决定。
Wúlùn rúhé, wǒ dōu huì zhīchí nǐ de juédìng.
Anyway, I will support your decision.

Long explanation:

The Mandarin Chinese phrase '无论如何 (wúlùn rúhé)' is used when you want to emphasize that no matter what the circumstances are, something must be done or something will happen. It is equivalent to saying 'anyhow', 'anyway', 'in any case' or 'no matter what' in English. It often appears at the beginning of the sentence to express a very strong determination.

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