Decoded Slug: 无论...都... (wúlùn... dōu...) - No matter... all...

Mandarin Grammar Point
无论...都... (wúlùn... dōu...) - No matter... all...

无论...都... (wúlùn... dōu...) - No matter... all...

Short explanation:

Used to express a universal condition or conclusion regardless of varying circumstances.


无论 + Condition/Subject + 都 + Outcome/Result


Wúlùn tiānqì hǎo bú hǎo, wǒmen dōu yào qù páshān.
No matter whether the weather is good or not, we are going to climb the mountain.
Wúlùn nǐ qù bù qù, wǒ dōu huì qù nàge pàiduì.
No matter whether you go or not, I will go to that party.
Wúlùn chéngjī hǎo huài, dōu yīnggāi duì zìjǐ yǒu xìnxīn.
No matter whether the grades are good or bad, one should have confidence in themselves.
Wúlùn gōngzuò duōme máng, wǒ dōu huì zhǎo shíjiān qù jiànshēnfáng.
No matter how busy I am with work, I will find time to go to the gym.

Long explanation:

The Mandarin Chinese phrase '无论...都...' (wúlùn... dōu...) is used to indicate that no matter the situation or condition, the conclusion or result stays the same. It can be translated into English as 'no matter...all...'. It allows a speaker to express assertive totality about a condition or outcome.

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