Decoded Slug: 既然 (jìrán) - Since, given that

Mandarin Grammar Point
既然 (jìrán) - Since, given that

既然 (jìrán) - Since, given that

Short explanation:

The Chinese word '既然 (jìrán)' is used to express the idea of 'since' or 'given that' in English. It acknowledges a certain fact or condition, and then describes the logical or expected action or result based on that condition.


既然 + Fact/Condition, + Conclusion/ Result


Jìrán nǐ yǐjīng juédìngle, nà wǒ jiù zhīchí nǐ.
Since you've already decided, I will support you.
Jìrán nǐ bù xǐhuān chī yú, wǒmen jiù diǎn bié de cài ba.
Since you don't like to eat fish, let's order other dishes.
Jìrán xià yǔle, wǒmen jiù bù qù gōngyuánle.
Since it's raining, we won't go to the park.
Jìrán nǐ píláo, nǐ yīnggāi zǎodiǎn xiūxí.
Since you're tired, you should rest earlier.

Long explanation:

In Mandarin Chinese, '既然 (jìrán)' is used when indicating that since a certain situation is the case, something else should logically follow or is expected to happen. It is like saying 'given that' or 'since' in English, and is generally followed by a conclusion or result based on the stated condition or fact.

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