Decoded Slug: 根据 (gēnjù) - According to, based on

Mandarin Grammar Point
根据 (gēnjù) - According to, based on

根据 (gēnjù) - According to, based on

Short explanation:

Used to introduce the source of information or the basis for some action or decision.


根据 + Source/Information + Rest of the sentence


Gēnjù tiānqì yùbào, míngtiān huì xià yǔ.
According to the weather forecast, it will rain tomorrow.
Gēnjù guīdìng, xuéshēng bùnéng dài shǒujī jìn jiàoshì.
According to the rules, students are not allowed to bring mobile phones into the classroom.
Gēnjù tā de shuōfǎ, tā méiyǒu cānyù zhège shìjiàn.
According to his statement, he wasn't involved in the incident.
Gēnjù zhèxiē shùjù, wǒmen xūyào gǎijìn wǒmen de xiāoshòu cèlüè.
Based on these data, we need to improve our sales strategy.

Long explanation:

The Mandarin Chinese phrase '根据 (gēnjù)' is used to introduce the basis or ground on which a claim, choice, action, or conclusion is drawn. It is equivalent to saying 'according to' or 'based on' in English. This phrase is often used in formal or academic contexts to refer to evidence, laws, rules, and so forth.

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