Decoded Slug: 正在 (zhèngzài) - In the process of

Mandarin Grammar Point
正在 (zhèngzài) - In the process of

正在 (zhèngzài) - In the process of

Short explanation:

Used with a verb to indicate an ongoing action.


Subject + 正在 + Verb + Rest of sentence


Wǒ zhèngzài kàn yīběn guānyú Zhōngguó lìshǐ de shū.
I am in the process of reading a book about Chinese history.
Tāmen zhèngzài xuéxí wèile míngnián de gāojí Hànyǔ shuǐpíng kǎoshì.
They are in the process of studying for next year's advanced level Chinese test.
Tā zhèngzài zhǔnbèi wǎncān, yīnwèi jīnwǎn yǒu kèrén lái.
She is in the process of preparing dinner, because guests are coming tonight.
Wǒmen zhèngzài tǎolùn rúhé tígāo xiāoshòu shōurù.
We are in the process of discussing how to increase sales revenues.

Long explanation:

The Chinese phrase '正在 (zhèngzài)' is typically used in conjunction with a verb to denote that the action is currently in progress. It is closely aligned to the English present progressive tense, representing an activity that is happening 'right now' or during an unspecified period surrounding the present moment.

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