Decoded Slug: 正好 (zhènghǎo) - Just in time, just right

Mandarin Grammar Point
正好 (zhènghǎo) - Just in time, just right

正好 (zhènghǎo) - Just in time, just right

Short explanation:

This is used to express that something is just right or occurs just in time.


Subject + 正好 + Verb/Adjective + Rest of the sentence?


Wǒmen dào diànyǐngyuàn de shíhou, zhènghǎo diànyǐng kāishǐ.
When we arrived at the cinema, the movie just started.
Tā qù zhǎo nǐ de shíhou, nǐ zhènghǎo chūmén le.
He went to look for you, and you just left.
Zhèi zhāng zhuōzi de dàxiǎo zhènghǎo shìhé wǒmen de kètīng.
This table's size is just right for our living room.
Nǐ lái de zhènghǎo, wǒ zhèng xiǎng gēn nǐ tán zhège wèntí.
Your arrival is just in time, I was about to discuss this problem with you.

Long explanation:

The Mandarin Chinese phrase '正好 (zhènghǎo)' is used to convey a situation that perfectly meets a condition, right on point or happens in perfect timing. It is equivalent to 'just right' or 'just in time' in English. This phrase is often used when something happens exactly as you need or want it to in terms of conditions, size, timing, quantity, and so on.

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