Decoded Slug: 正如 (zhèngrú) - Just as, As

Mandarin Grammar Point
正如 (zhèngrú) - Just as, As

正如 (zhèngrú) - Just as, As

Short explanation:

Used to express that something is exactly as stated or mentioned previously.


正如 + Statement 1, (so) Sentence 2


Zhèngrú nǐ suǒ shuō, xuéxí Zhōngwén xūyào nàixīn hé yìlì.
As you said, learning Chinese requires patience and perseverance.
Zhèngrú tāmen suǒ yùqí de nà yàng, gōngsī de xiāoshòu'é qùnián zēngzhǎng le 20%.
Just as they expected, the company's sales increased by 20% last year.
Zhèngrú wǒ zhīqián tí dào de, wǒmen bìxū yào tígāo chǎnpǐn de zhìliàng.
As I mentioned earlier, we need to improve the quality of our products.
Zhèngrú dà bùfèn rén suǒ zhī, chōuyān duì jiànkāng yǒuhài.
As is known by most people, smoking is harmful to health.

Long explanation:

The Mandarin Chinese phrase '正如 (zhèngrú)' is an expression used to illustrate a point of comparison or similarity between two things, events, or situations. It represents the English equivalent of 'just as' or 'as'. This phrase is often used to emphasize a comparative statement or to provide an example clarifying an earlier statement.

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