Decoded Slug: 照 (zhào) - According to, in accordance with

Mandarin Grammar Point
照 (zhào) - According to, in accordance with

照 (zhào) - According to, in accordance with

Short explanation:

The word '照 (zhào)' is used in Mandarin to indicate doing something according to or in accordance with a particular rule, guideline, instruction, etc.


Subject + 照 + rule/instruction/source + Verb + Object


Nǐ zhào lǎoshī de yāoqiú wánchéng zuòyè.
You complete the homework according to the teacher's requirements.
Wǒmen zhào gōngsī de guīdìng bànlǐ zhè jiàn shì.
We handle this matter according to the company's regulations.
Zhào wǒ māma de shípǔ zuò de dàngāo, wèidào hěn hǎo.
The cake made according to my mom's recipe tastes very good.
Zhào zhe dìtú wǒmen hěn kuài jiù zhǎodào nàgè dìfāngle.
We quickly found the place according to the map.

Long explanation:

In Mandarin Chinese, '照 (zhào)' implies following or sticking to a particular rule or instruction when performing an action. It's typically used to denote that one is carrying out an activity as instructed or according to a specific plan, rule, or guideline. This word can be used in various contexts and can be placed either before or after the subject.

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