Decoded Slug: 至少 (zhìshǎo) - At least

Mandarin Grammar Point
至少 (zhìshǎo) - At least

至少 (zhìshǎo) - At least

Short explanation:

Used to indicate the minimum quantity or degree is being stated.


Subject + 至少 + Verb + Number + Measure Word + Noun


Měitiān nǐ yīng gāi zhì shǎo hē bā bēi shuǐ.
You should drink at least eight glasses of water a day.
Wǒ měitiān zhì shǎo xuéxí liǎng gè xiǎoshí de Hànyǔ.
I study Chinese for at least two hours each day.
Tā zhì shǎo xū yào sān gè yuè cái néng wánchéng zhège xiàngmù.
He needs at least three months to complete this project.
Wǒ zhì shǎo xū yào qī xiǎoshí de shuìmián yǐ bǎochí qīngxǐng.
I need at least seven hours of sleep to stay alert.

Long explanation:

'至少 (zhìshǎo)' is a Chinese phrase that refers to the minimum amount or degree of something, equivalent to the English phrase 'at least'. It indicates that no matter what happens, the quantity or degree of something should not be less than the 'number' mentioned.

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