Decoded Slug: 莫非 (mòfēi) - Could it be that, unless

Mandarin Grammar Point
莫非 (mòfēi) - Could it be that, unless

莫非 (mòfēi) - Could it be that, unless

Short explanation:

This is used when the speaker is speculating or guessing about a situation.


莫非 + Hypothetical situation or assumption


Mòfēi nǐ yǐjīng zhīdào zhège mìmì le?
Could it be that you already know this secret?
Mòfēi tā shì yīnwèi bìng dé tài zhòng ér méi lái xuéxiào de?
Could it be that he didn't come to school because he was too sick?
Mòfēi nǐ bù xǐhuān wǒ zuò de cài?
Could it be that you don't like the food I cooked?
Mòfēi nǐ yǐjīng juédìng yào bānjiā le?
Could it be that you've already decided to move out?

Long explanation:

The Mandarin Chinese phrase '莫非 (mòfēi)' can translate to 'could it be that' or 'unless' and is generally used when the speaker is hypothesizing, surmising, or musing over certain facts or scenarios. This phrase typically indicates the speaker's element of doubt or assumption about something.

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