Decoded Slug: 越...越... (yuè...yuè...) - The more... the more...

Mandarin Grammar Point
越...越... (yuè...yuè...) - The more... the more...

越...越... (yuè...yuè...) - The more... the more...

Short explanation:

Used to express that an increase in one quality, condition, or activity results in a simultaneous increase in another.


Subj. + 越 + Verb/Adj. + Obj., 越 + Verb/Adj. + Obj.


Wǒ yuè xué Hànyǔ, wǒ yuè xǐhuan tā.
The more I study Chinese, the more I like it.
Tā yuè chī qiǎokèlì, tā yuè juéde zìjǐ pàng.
The more he eats chocolate, the more he thinks he is fat.
Shíjiān yuè jǐn, tā yuè dānxīn.
The tighter the time, the more she worries.
Hái zi men yuè dà, wèn tí yuè fùzá.
The older the children, the more complicated the problems.

Long explanation:

The Mandarin Chinese grammatical pattern '越...越...' (yuè...yuè...) is used to show that as one situation or condition intensifies, another situation or condition intensifies simultaneously. It is equivalent to saying 'the more... the more...' in English. This phrase helps to link two changes that occur simultaneously and correspond with each other proportionately.

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