Decoded Slug: 跟...一样 (gēn... yíyàng) - The same as...

Mandarin Grammar Point
跟...一样 (gēn... yíyàng) - The same as...

跟...一样 (gēn... yíyàng) - The same as...

Short explanation:

Used to describe similarities between two things or people.


Subject + 跟 + Object + 一样 + Verb/Adjective


Tā de Zhōngwén gēn lǎoshī yíyàng hǎo.
His Chinese is as good as the teacher's.
Zhè běn shū gēn nà běn shū yíyàng jīngcǎi.
This book is as exciting as that one.
Tā de gōngzuò gēn wǒ de yíyàng xīnkǔ.
His job is as hard as mine.
Wǒ mèimei gēn wǒ yíyàng xǐhuan tīng yīnyuè.
My sister likes listening to music just as I do.

Long explanation:

The Chinese expression '跟...一样 (gēn... yíyàng)' is a comparative structure used to highlight the similarities between two subjects. It corresponds to 'the same as...' in English. This structure is commonly applied to show similarity in appearance, characteristics, or behavior.

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