Decoded Slug: 除了...以外 (chúle... yǐwài) - Apart from, besides

Mandarin Grammar Point
除了...以外 (chúle... yǐwài) - Apart from, besides

除了...以外 (chúle... yǐwài) - Apart from, besides

Short explanation:

This phrase is used to indicate exception or exclusion, usually translated as 'apart from', 'besides', or 'except'.


{除了 + exception + 以外}, [+ rest of sentence]


Chúle pǎobù yǐwài, wǒ hái xǐhuān yóuyǒng.
Apart from running, I also like swimming.
Chúle zhōumò yǐwài, tā měitiān dū zài xuéxí.
Apart from weekends, he studies every day.
Chúle yīnyuè yǐwài, wǒ duì huà huà yě fēicháng gǎn xìngqù.
Besides music, I am also very interested in painting.
Chúle shùxué hé wùlǐ yǐwài, tā duì suǒyǒu kēmù dōu hěn shàncháng.
Apart from mathematics and physics, he is good at all subjects.

Long explanation:

The Mandarin Chinese expression '除了...以外 (chúle... yǐwài)' is primarily used in situations when we want to talk about exceptions or exclusions. In other words, it means that except for the person or thing mentioned, the statement remains true for all others.

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