Decoded Slug: 除了...以外 (chúle... yǐwài) - Except for, besides

Mandarin Grammar Point
除了...以外 (chúle... yǐwài) - Except for, besides

除了...以外 (chúle... yǐwài) - Except for, besides

Short explanation:

This phrase is used to indicate an exception or contrast.


'除了' + Exception or Unique Aspect + '以外' + Rest of the sentence (can be the general or default situation)


Chúle yìgōng yǐwài, wǒ hái yǒu yīfèn jiānzhí gōngzuò.
Besides volunteering, I also have a part-time job.
Chúle tā yǐwài, qítā rén dōu jiēshòu le yāoqǐng.
Except for her, everyone else accepted the invitation.
Chúle lánqiú yǐwài, wǒ hái xǐhuan yóuyǒng.
Besides basketball, I also like swimming.
Chúle zhōumò yǐwài, wǒ měitiān dōu qù jiànshēnfáng yùndòng.
Except for the weekend, I go to the gym every day.

Long explanation:

The Mandarin Chinese phrase '除了...以外 (chúle... yǐwài)' is used in situations where you want to indicate an exception or to express contrast. It is similar to 'except for' or 'besides' in English. This phrase allows you to highlight something or someone that stands out from the rest in a particular context.

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