Decoded Slug: 'Để' with the meaning 'let someone do something'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
'Để' with the meaning 'let someone do something'

'Để' with the meaning 'let someone do something'

Short explanation:

'Để' is used to give permission or to let someone do something.


The structure usually goes as 'để' + 'person' + 'action'.


Để em giúp anh làm bài tập này.
Let me help you with this assignment.
Để mẹ nấu cơm nhé.
Let mom cook the rice.
Để ai đó mở cửa cho bạn.
Let someone open the door for you.
Để tôi bắt đầu cuộc họp.
Let me start the meeting.

Long explanation:

In Vietnamese, 'để' is a versatile word that can be used in several ways, one of which is to imply permission or the act of letting someone do something. 'Để' in this context can be loosely translated to 'let' or 'allow' in English.

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