Decoded Slug: 'Giáo sư' as second personal pronoun

Vietnamese Grammar Point
'Giáo sư' as second personal pronoun

'Giáo sư' as second personal pronoun

Short explanation:

'Giáo sư' is used as a second personal pronoun to respectfully address a professor or someone with a high academic status.


'Giáo sư' + [Name of person/professor]


Giáo sư Phương có thể giúp tôi bài tập này được không?
Professor Phuong, can you help me with this exercise?
Giáo sư, tôi không hiểu phần này.
Professor, I don't understand this part.
Tôi có một câu hỏi, thưa giáo sư.
I want to ask a question, Professor.
Xin chào giáo sư, tôi nghĩ tôi cần được hướng dẫn thêm về đề tài nghiên cứu này.
Hello, professor, I think I need more guidance on this research topic.

Long explanation:

In Vietnamese, 'Giáo sư' is not only a common term for 'professor' but it is also used as a second personal pronoun. It is a respectful form of address for professors or people with high academic positions. It signifies status, expertise, and respect for the person's accomplishments. It is often used in academic settings or formal conversations.

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