Decoded Slug: 'Mời' denoting a suggestion

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'Mời' denoting a suggestion

'Mời' denoting a suggestion

Short explanation:

Used to make a suggestion or invitation.


Mời + verb/noun phrase (suggested action)


Mời bạn thử món phở này, nó rất ngon đấy.
Try this pho, it's very good.
Mời bạn vào và ngồi xuống đây.
Please come in and sit down.
Mời bạn xem phần trình diễn tiếp theo.
Let's watch the next performance.
Mời bạn trả lời câu hỏi này.
Please answer this question.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese word 'mời' is often used to denote a suggestion or an invitation from the speaker to the listener. It implies a polite way to recommend an action or to invite someone to do something. When translated into English, it can mean 'Let's', 'please', 'go ahead', depending on the context.

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