Decoded Slug: Adjective + 'hơn cả'

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Adjective + 'hơn cả'

Adjective + 'hơn cả'

Short explanation:

Used to compare and intensify the degree of adjective.


Adjective + hơn cả + noun/pronoun


Trái tim cậu ấy nồng nhiệt hơn cả mặt trời.
His heart is warmer than even the sun.
Công việc này khó khăn hơn tôi tưởng.
This job is even more difficult than I thought.
Anh ấy nhanh nhẹn hơn cả một con sóc.
He is even more agile than a squirrel.
Em yêu anh hơn cả bản thân mình.
I love you even more than myself.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese phrase 'hơn cả' is added after an adjective to create a comparative form and to intensify its degree. Equivalent to the English expression 'even more than', this phrase is used to describe something or someone having a greater degree or extent of the adjective than someone or something else.

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