Decoded Slug: Adverb of degree 'lắm'

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Adverb of degree 'lắm'

Adverb of degree 'lắm'

Short explanation:

Used to emphasize or magnify the degree of an adjective or verb.


adjective/verb + lắm


Cô ấy đẹp lắm.
She is very beautiful.
Anh ấy nói tiếng Việt giỏi lắm.
He speaks Vietnamese very well.
Tôi thích anh ấy lắm.
I like him a lot.
Chị ấy học tập chăm chỉ lắm.
She studies very hard.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese word 'lắm' is an adverb of degree that is used to add emphasis or to magnify the degree of an adjective or verb. It is similar to using 'very', 'a lot', or 'so' in English. It is typically used after the adjective or verb that it is modifying.

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