Decoded Slug: Amount-of-time question word 'bao lâu'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Amount-of-time question word 'bao lâu'

Amount-of-time question word 'bao lâu'

Short explanation:

Used to inquire about the duration or length of time an action takes or an event lasts.


Formation for this grammar point would be '[Subject + Verb + Object] + bao lâu + [extra information if available]', which translates to 'How long does [Subject + Verb + Object] take?' in English.


Cuốn sách này bao lâu nữa sẽ được giao đến nhà tôi? Có thể mất khoảng mười ngày.
How long for this book to be delivered to my house? It could take about ten days.
Bạn đã học tiếng Nhật trong bao lâu để trở nên thông thạo?
How long have you studied Japanese to become fluent?
Đi bộ từ nhà bạn đến trạm xe bus mất bao lâu?
How long does it take to walk from your house to the bus station?
Để chuẩn bị một bữa tối lãng mạn cho hai người thì mất bao lâu? Mất khoảng hai giờ.
How long does it take to prepare a romantic dinner for two? It takes about two hours.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese term 'bao lâu' is a question word frequently used for asking about the length of time or duration. It's direct English equivalent would be 'how long'. This expression is generally used to know about the duration of an event, action, or a specific period.

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