Decoded Slug: Ask-for-more-information particle 'à'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Ask-for-more-information particle 'à'

Ask-for-more-information particle 'à'

Short explanation:

Used to prompt the listener to provide more details or to confirm information.


statement + à


Bạn là người Mỹ à? Tôi nghĩ bạn là người Anh.
You're American, right? I thought you were British.
Con học bài xong rồi à?
You have finished your homework, haven't you?
Hôm nay nóng quá à (nhỉ)? Tôi mới mua ít kem, bạn có muốn ăn không?
It's really hot today, isn't it? I just bought some ice cream, would you like some?
Bạn đã đến Việt Nam nhiều lần rồi à? Bạn thích điểm nào nhất?
You've been to Vietnam many times, haven't you? What's your favorite spot?

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese particle 'à' is used at the end of a statement to prompt the listener to provide more information or to confirm what has been said. It is similar to English expressions like 'right?' or 'isn't it?'. Its use can encourage a more responsive conversation.

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