Decoded Slug: Borrowing: 'cảnh sát'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Borrowing: 'cảnh sát'

Borrowing: 'cảnh sát'

Short explanation:

This is a term borrowed from another language and is used in Vietnamese.


Using the borrowed term as is in Vietnamese language


Cảnh sát đã tiếp cận và bắt giữ nghi phạm.
The police approached and arrested the suspect.
Cảnh sát đang điều tra vụ cướp ngân hàng.
The police is investigating the bank robbery.
Bạn cần liên hệ với cảnh sát nếu phát hiện ra bất kì dấu hiệu khả nghi nào.
You need to contact the police if you notice any suspicious signs.
Cảnh sát đã tìm thấy manh mối quan trọng trong vụ án.
The police found important evidence in the case.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese term 'cảnh sát' is a borrowed word from the French language 'gendarmerie', meaning police. Borrowed words are not uncommon in Vietnamese, as it has been influenced by various other languages over the years. It's an integral part of understanding the language's evolution and its current form.

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