Decoded Slug: Clarification particle 'hả'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Clarification particle 'hả'

Clarification particle 'hả'

Short explanation:

Used to express surprise or seeking confirmation.


example of grammar formation for given grammar point


Bạn đã chia tay bạn trai của mình hả?
You've broken up with your boyfriend, is that so?
Thiếu niên nên đọc sách hơn chơi điện tử hả?
Young people should read books more than playing electronic games, really?
Hôm nay là thứ sáu hả?
Today is Friday, really?
Anh ấy bị tai nạn hả?
He had an accident, is that so?

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese grammar particle 'hả' is often used at the end of a sentence to express surprise or to seek confirmation from the listener. It is alike to using 'really?' or 'is that so?' in English. It can be used in both statements and questions to convey a sense of disbelief or inquiry about the information being discussed.

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