Decoded Slug: Classifier 'cơn'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Classifier 'cơn'

Classifier 'cơn'

Short explanation:

Used to measure non-physical items that are temporary or short-lived.


'cơn' + Noun


Cơn mưa tối qua khiến cho đường xá trở nên trơn trượt.
The rain last night made the roads slippery.
Tôi bị lên cơn đau dạ dày.
I have a stomachache.
Anh ấy đang trải qua một cơn đau buồn.
He is going through a wave of sorrow.
Cơn đói của tôi khiến tôi không thể tập trung vào công việc.
My hunger made me unable to focus on work.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese classifier 'cơn' is primarily used to measure non-physical, intangible items or states that are temporary or short-lived in nature. It can be used with various nouns like rain, sickness, emotion, hunger, etc. It is comparable to the English phrases 'bout of' or 'wave of'.

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