Decoded Slug: Classifier 'con'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Classifier 'con'

Classifier 'con'

Short explanation:

Used to classify animals or children in Vietnamese.


formation of the classifier 'con' is usually [Number] + 'con' + [Noun]


Đây là con mèo của tôi. Nó rất đáng yêu và quấn quít.
This is my cat. It is very adorable and affectionate.
Tôi có ba con chó ở nhà.
I have three dogs at home.
Bạn có bao nhiêu con gấu teddy?
How many teddy bears do you have?
Ông ấy có một đứa con trai và hai đứa con gái.
He has one son and two daughters.

Long explanation:

In Vietnamese, the word 'con' is a classifier which is typically used when referring to animals or children. It is an important part of the language as it denotates the quantities of animals or children. It is somewhat similar to using words such as 'a', 'an', or 'the' in English, but is more specific and is used to show respect for what is being talked about.

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